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"I was in a lot of pain before my appointment with Becky. I told her about what I was feeling and she took time to discuss with me everything I was feeling. Becky was so gentle, I didn't even feel some of the needles, and the ones I did feel were just a tiny pinch. Afterwards, I felt so much better! I felt so good I told a bunch of people about her. My mom and cousin have had pain for years. I even told a client about her. I hope they all make appointments with her and start feeling great like I did! I definitely recommend Five Elephants!"

Jen P.

April 2019

Becky is an amazing person and acupuncturist! I see her every 2 weeks for mental health, digestion, fertility, and just all around feeling good. My husband and father-in-law love coming to Five Elephants as well, she’s made our lives and bodies more comfortable, healthy, and happy! Whether you’ve never been to acupuncture or are a seasoned pro, I highly recommend Becky!

Beth R.

January 2019

"Today was my 2nd appointment with Becky. I suffer from chronic migraines and anxiety. After my appointments I am completely relaxed. I needed this in my life. I absolutely love Becky! She listens to me and does an amazing job."

Bethany W.

October 2018

"I had my first acupuncture session with Becky recently, and it won't be my last! She has such a warm, easy-going demeanor, and is incredibly talented at her craft! Highly recommend to anyone looking for acupuncture!!"

Carrie S.

June 2018

"I visited Becky after 9 months of neck pain. She was able to relieve the pain with 1 treatment and sustain a 95% reduction of pain levels. Thanks for finally freeing my neck up!"

Rik E.

April 2018

"Wonderful, calming, personalized sessions by Becky, who you will quickly see is a very loving and caring person. Affordable and effective acupuncture for the whole community!"

Mary R.

September 2017

"Becky is a healer by nature, and a wonderful acupuncturist."

Gwynne H.

March 2017

"I was introduced to Becky by my father who sees her for his war-wound affiliated injuries, and after hearing him literally rave for months on end I finally made an appointment. The actual location is connected to Kaleidoscope Salon (edit: Kaleidoscope moved out and Dattilo's Hair Studio moved in 6/2017) on Bardstown, so it's right on the main road. When I first went in as a walk in, she had an opening so I sat down and filled out some paperwork (medical history, why I'm here, etc) and then sat down with Becky to talk about techniques we could try. Then we went into the treatment room (a meditation room for a few patients at a time) and Becky examined me and then began the acupuncture session. The needles are practically paper thin so you cannot feel it unless there is a nerve you're working on through your acupuncture (I had like 10 needles in each ear to treat my mental health issues) but even after that, the point is for you to relax and center yourself while in the session. Becky even added what I believe was called moxibustion, to help with my energy levels and fatigue. In the session you can even ask to be covered in an aluminum foil "blanket" for retaining warmth in your session. A usual session lasts 30 minutes which is perfect for me or else I'll fall asleep from relaxation. And the best part of all is that Five Elephants is a community based acupuncture office, meaning you pay what you can ($25-$65) so no matter your budget you can benefit from this way of healing. If you've been stuck on some medicine or have an ailment you can't seem to cure, try acupuncture and Becky will definitely help you out!"

Sassa R.

March 2017

"Had an awesome experience. First time ever having any type of acupuncture done and felt comfortable and informed from the beginning. Becky recommend Gua Sha for my ailment and it was exactly what I needed. Will definitely be back."

Corey S.

March 2017

I have been a client of Five Elephants for a year and a half now. Becky is incredibly professional, kind and knowledgeable. I appreciate her expertise and warmth that she exudes with every encounter. My stress and anxiety subside after acupuncture appointments with Becky. I would highly recommend Five Elephants to anyone!

Molly B.

November 2016

"Because of Becky and the work she does at five elephants, acupuncture has become a staple in self-care, and self-compassion for me. I enjoy the treatments, particularly the acupuncture and guasha. Becky is professional and has a kind and caring demeanor. Becky has helped me with a myriad of things, from back and neck pain, to boosting my immune system, to helping relieve the anxiety of moving to a new city, and she is lovely, caring and her prices are affordable. Go and see her, and see how much acupuncture can improve your life and your health."

Carrie C.

November 2015

"I'm probably not qualified to write a review of an acupuncturist as Five Elephants is the only place I've ever undergone the procedure. Having said that, I have to say that Becky Flynn (owner and practitioner at Five Elephants) has made the experience a very positive one. The lumbar section of my spine is very screwed up as diagnosed by CT scan I have varying degrees of bulging, herniated, and completely eroded discs.  I went to Five Elephants not knowing what to expect. Becky has a "pay what you can" policy asking for $25-$65 per treatment. I expected a few needles to be put into my back and manipulated. I was very wrong. I had  needles from head to toe and the result was that it was one of the most relaxing things I've ever done. Becky is very professional and explains everything. And most importantly it doesn't hurt!! You really can't even feel the needles going in because they are so slender.  I'm hooked on acupuncture now after 6 visits and it has definitely helped my back pain. All in all I'd say if you are contemplating acupuncture go see Becky at Five Elephants-you won't be disappointed."

Jerry W.

July 2015

"Becky is so supportive, professional, and down to earth. You can really talk to her about anything! I loved my treatment and had all my questions answered. Can't wait to go back!"

Beth T.

September 2014

'I was blessed to have Becky work on me when I had a knee injury. Her work is thorough and very effective. I highly recommend her to anyone in need to caring and thoughtful acupuncture."

Brent B.

July 2014

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